Our Approach

1. Working together with the client
We are a sparring partner rather than ‘consultant’. Our clients are experts about their own city and region, and we assist them in achieving the right focus, in giving a new boost, in developing strategies and actions plans. By analyzing the approach and ideas together, we serve as a sounding board and we come up with suggestions, scenarios and solutions. We also share effective principles and give concrete tips. For both developing the strategy and activating the brand.

2. Developing an integrated approach
City marketing is comprehensive. Many urban issues and policies are interrelated. This ideally requires an all-encompassing, integrated approach. We can assist you in developing such an approach. If you need assistance on a very specific city marketing or branding topic, we are more than happy to assist you as well.

3. Using clear language, no big reports
Don’t expect huge reports and long, tedious processes from us. What can you expect? Energy. Focus. Original views. Creative input. Critical feedback. And practical solutions on city, region, and country marketing and branding. We keep things as simple as possible: through clear analyses, clear solutions, and clear language. Citymar Consultancy offers a pragmatic approach, based on solid analyses.

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