About Citymar Consultancy
Citymar Consultancy is specialized in city marketing. We advise cities, regions and countries on both strategic as well as more practical topics. We do this in a pragmatic, interactive way, using clear language. We simply assist our clients in making the right decisions. By being a creative and driven sparring partner, with expertise and experience in this specific field.

Expertise: pieces of the puzzle and the complete puzzle
Whatever the status of your marketing and branding approach, it is always good to take a fresh and critical look at it. Some cities started developing their marketing approach many years ago. Others have only recently started doing so. We like to work both on specific issues (individual pieces of the marketing puzzle) and also on realizing an integrated marketing approach (the whole puzzle). This integrated approach is vital, since marketing and branding is inextricably connected with city development and the mission of cities.

The founder of Citymar Consultancy is Robbert Nesselaar MSc. Robbert has more than 15 years of experience in city marketing. He has worked on the marketing and branding of the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and was involved in the strategic marketing development of various cities. Robbert has extensive international experience and he is frequently invited as a guest speaker, including Universities. One of his main drivers in working with cities and other places: sharing knowledge, spreading ideas. Contributing to successful city marketing and city management.

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