Regional branding: Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands

Regional branding: Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands

augustus 28, 2018
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InnovationQuarter (the regional development company for Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands) asked Citymar Consultancy to work on the regional marketing approach of the province of Zuid-Holland. In close collaboration with several cities, businesses and organizations in the region, we developed the strategy, including the distinctive identity for the region.

A strong regional profile is, of course, a means to an end, not a goal in itself. It can be beneficial to the partners located in the region. And vice versa, strong cities and organizations togehter make a strong region. It’s all about smart collaboration on various (geographic) scales, all based on what is relevant from the customer’s perspective. A few elements of the narrative: “This delta region, in the western part of the Netherlands is at home in the world. Acting as a testing ground for global challenges, we are committed to coming up with purposeful contributions to the problems the earth faces. We are focused on sharing pragmatic solutions through international collaboration. This delta works. For the world.”

Based on the strategy, we also developed a pragmatic toolkit with materials partners in the region can use in their own communication. Part of the digital toolkit is a short film:


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