As simple as possible …

As simple as possible …

juni 1, 2016
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“Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.” These wise words by Albert Einstein also apply to city marketing. Making it as simple as possible, but not simpler, as if it was a goals in itself. It’s clear that city marketing is immensely comprehensive. A city is a unique, huge and much encompassing ‘product’. Actually, a city is a collection of numerous, often interrelated ‘products’. Aimed at a wide variety of target groups. Cities (the same goes for regions and countries) have many customers, countless products, various images, diverse stakeholders. Cities deal with economic, social, urban, environmental and financial challenges. As well as challenges in the field of culture, health, sport, and numerous other topics. Almost everything is interrelated in a city. Decisions in one area have consequences for many others. The same is true for the lack of good decisions. One element in the complexity of city marketing is the challenge of making clear choices: essential, but not always easy thing to do. Which (marketing) choices will have the best, positive effect on the city, now and in the long run?

By keeping a clear view on the essence of city marketing, it certainly helps dealing with the complexity. For instance: with which objective does the city want to be known and loved, among which target groups? Getting clear answers to essential questions makes it possible to make city marketing as simple as possible.

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